The Women Who Sizzle @ HollyShorts Film Festival 2016

Haren Yong: Web Editor and Actress Blogger

Ellen Gerstein in “Come Away With Me”  Love and Heartbreak can happen at any age and thanks to director/leading lady Ellen Gerstein of “Come Away With Me”, we get to experience a genuine golden age romance.

-She is touchingly amazing as Anne Chambers who longs for a reunion with Michael, her long lost high school sweetheart but instead learns he’s suffering from Alzheimer’s disease.

-Ellen is representing the real world that we live in, going against the grain of ageism which Hollywood is notoriously known for and is proof of her stirring longevity.

The Women Who Sizzle @ HollyShorts Film Festival 2016 – Part 1

Thank you so much to Haren Yong for a most incredible article, I appreciate your keen understanding of what this film is really about and for telling it like it is.

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