Torn apart by war and misunderstanding a woman finds the courage to reunite with her one true love after many years apart in this heartfelt tale of long lost love.

Short Synopsis

Still believing in true love Ann Chambers is determined to finally live life her way. She summons the courage to attend her High School reunion to find the love of her life, Michael Blake, an all-star athlete and war veteran. Torn apart by war and misunderstanding, life remains full of surprises for them both.

Medium Synopsis

An interracial couple who were high school sweethearts in the 60’s, were separated by war and misunderstanding. After many years, Anne, still believing in true love, despite a string of failed marriages, is now determined to live life her way. She summons the courage to go to her high school reunion, hoping to rekindle the romance with Michael, an all-star athlete and war veteran, who is her one true love. The shocking truth of their past unfolds and life remains full of surprises for them both.


Ellen Gerstein

Director Statement

I have always been inspired, in my life and in my projects, by every day heroes. It takes guts to go for what makes you happy and live life your own way, because in life there are no guarantees. To me Anne is that every day hero, who finally summons up the courage and strength to go after her one true love, not knowing what will happen and not letting age, society or what’s expected of her, hold her back. I hope when people connect with Anne, they see that going for your own happiness is what is important in life.

The effects of war on people in the armed services and how their lives change forever physically, mentally and emotionally is a very important issue to me. Michael is fighting the demons from the effect of war while Anne fights her own personal demons.

I was inspired to write the original song “Come Away With Me Tonight” as Michael and Anne’s song from the 60’s. It voices Anne’s memories of her high school sweetheart. This story and these very real characters touch my heart. I hope it touches yours. They are my every day heroes!

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