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Charlie Robinson has an interesting take on the character he portrays in the film Come Away With Me


Ellen Gerstien Director talks to Julie Janata Prod/Editor of the short film ‘Come Away With Me’


Ellen Gerstein Director talks to Julie Janata Producer/Editor about the short film ‘Come Away With Me’


Mark Rydell about Come Away With Me

Mark Rydell, Director (On Golden Pond, The Rose, Cinderella Liberty and much more) ” Two remarkable actors in a very touching piece “

Documentary Clip from the making of the short film “Come Away With Me”

https://vimeo.com/115808875 Charlie Robinson and Ellen Gerstein having some laughs talking about the heartfelt short film “Come Away With Me”, that they both star in an that Ellen directed and wrote the song for.

Hear what Mimi Leder is saying about the short film Come Away With Me

Mimi Leder, Director; (Deep Impact, Pay It Forward, The Peace Maker, The Leftovers, Shameless …to name a few) “Come Away With Me is a gem of a short film with excellent , heartfelt performances by Ellen Gerstein and Charlie Robinson. Gerstein did a wonderful job directing this piece and captured the essence of long lost love so poignantly.”

Now Live: The Official Come Away With Me Site

Keep up to date here for the latest updates about Ellen Gerstein’s new short, Come Away With Me.

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